PKK Suspected of Abducting Three Civilians in Kurdistan Border Areas
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PKK Suspected of Abducting Three Civilians in Kurdistan Border Areas

ERBIL — After three civilians went missing in the border areas of Kurdistan Region near Shiladize, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is suspected of abducting the men, a local official said.

Jubrail Ibrahim, 50, Jagar, 35, and Regir, 35, residents of Sirie complex of Shiladize went missing last week while visiting their village to attend their farms.

The missing men were initially believed to have been killed in the mountainous area by Turkish airstrikes. However, head of local administration of Shiladize, Rizgar Ubeid, told BasNews that there had been no airstrikes or bombardments in the area during the past week.

“This makes us suspect the PKK fighters who might have arrested them,” Ubeid said without providing details.

For decades, the PKK has stationed its fighters inside the borders of the Kurdistan Region, where Turkey is now heavily bombarding as part of its cross-border operations against the party.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has repeatedly asked Turkey and PKK to leave its territories as their war puts civilian lives as risk and undermines the region’s stability.

Since 2019, Turkey has further intensified airstrikes and artillery bombardments against the PKK positions along the Kurdistan Region borders and deep inside the Qandil area. The attacks, on multiple occasions, have costed civilian lives.

Earlier today, Turkish forces shelled Banka Sare village near Zakho, Duhok province. Locals said shrapnels caused damage to several civilian-owned vehicles and houses.

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