PM Barzani Inaugurates Soran Independent Administration
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PM Barzani Inaugurates Soran Independent Administration

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani on Tuesday officially inaugurated Soran as an independent administration which comes as his cabinet’s efforts to decentralize the administrative power.

During a ceremony, also attended by several local officials as well as Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) ministers, Halgurd Sheikh Najib was appointed as the head of Soran Independent Administration.

PM Barzani described the occasion as “a historic beginning”, hoping that the move would bust the economy and tourism in the areas falling in the jurisdiction of the new local administration.

"Through self-administration, Soran's economy and tourism sectors will develop, and its administration capabilities will reduce red tape and ease paperwork for residents," Barzani wrote on Twitter.

"Soran has sacrificed historically for Kurdistanis’ rights, so I was pleased to be there today to inaugurate it as an independent administration in Kurdistan and to appoint Halgurd Najib as its head," he added.

The new administration consists of Soran, Rawanduz, Choman, and Mergasor districts, stretched along the border triangle between Kurdistan Region, Iran, and Turkey. The area was previously under the administrative power of Erbil Governorate.

Soran is considered one of the strategic areas through which the Hamilton Road connects Kurdistan Region’s capital with Iran, the neighbor that supplies a great portion of Kurdistan’s local market needs.

Moreover, Geli Ali Beg Waterfall, Bekhal resort, Halgord National Park, Korek Mountain and Fellaw Pond are just a few of the popular touristic sites located in Soran which attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

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