Two Iraqi Refugees Killed in Syria's Al-Hol Camp in 24 Hours
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Two Iraqi Refugees Killed in Syria's Al-Hol Camp in 24 Hours

ERBIL — At least two Iraqi refugees have been assassinated by unknown armed men in Syria's al-Hol camp within the past 24 hours, local security sources said on Tuesday.

Following the killing of an Iraqi on Monday, unknown people, believed to be members of the Islamic State (IS) sleeper cells, killed another refugee in al-Hol camp located in Syrian Kurdistan, more commonly known as Rojava.

Security sources from the camp said that the gunmen had targeted the Iraqi refugee in the first section of the camp with a silencer pistol, amid an increase in killings of Iraqi refugees.

According to reports, Monday's incident took place in the sixth section of the Syrian camp where tens of thousands of families of IS fighters have been held.

Around 60 fatalities, related to such assassinations, and 10 injuries, have so far been recorded in al-Hol camp since the beginning of the current year, mostly affecting Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians, according to available statistics.

Meanwhile, statistics also indicate that al-Hol camp is home to 16,404 families, with a number of 60,351 members, including 8,256 Iraqi families, estimated at 30,738 people, and 5,619 Syrian families, estimated at 21,058 individuals, and about 2,529 foreign families, estimated at 8,555 people.

The camp is guarded by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Kurdish forces have repeatedly called on countries to repatriate their citizens who had joined the IS group in the past years.

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