Russia to Resume Flights with Iraq Soon
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Russia to Resume Flights with Iraq Soon

ERBIL — Passenger flights between Russia and Iraq will be resumed in the nearest future, a statement by the Russian government announced on Monday, days before a new academic year begins.

Russia suspended flights with several countries in March 2020 as part of protective measures to curb the coronavirus in the country. However, flights will still remain suspended with some countries.

Moscow announced in a statement on Monday that flights to Iraq, Spain, Kenya, as well as Slovakia will be resumed on September 21, pointing out that the flights to Turkey and Egypt from international airports in Pskov, Magadan, Murmansk, and Chita will also be resumed.

Iraqi ambassador to Russia Abdul Rahman Hamid al-Husseini welcomed the decision to resume the flights between Baghdad and Moscow.

"We welcome the decision of the Russian authorities to resume Iraqi Airways' flights to Moscow as of September 21 this year... Welcome to our students as they return to their classrooms in Russia," Husseini wrote on Twitter.

The statement further explained that Moscow-Nairobi and Moscow-Baghdad routes would relaunch with two flights a week, noting that routes and flights were also added between Russian cities and popular tourist destinations in Egypt and Turkey, as cited by Reuters.

Iraq has so far recorded nearly 2,000,000 coronavirus cases since the outbreak of the virus in the country in February 2020, out of which around 25,500 people have lost their lives.

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