Turkey Claims It "Neutralized" a PKK Leader on Kurdistan Borders
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Turkey Claims It "Neutralized" a PKK Leader on Kurdistan Borders

ERBIL — The Turkish army claimed on Monday that it had "neutralized" a senior member of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the border areas of Kurdistan Region, where an operation against the armed group is ongoing.

Anadolu Agency cited a security source as confirming that the PKK leader was identified as Mohammed Amin Akenci nicknamed as Jawhar, who was reportedly "neutralized" in the Gara mountain of Kurdistan Region border areas.

According to the source, Jawhar was the head of department of foreign relations for the People’s Defense Forces (HPG), which is considered the armed wing of the PKK, an armed group designated as a "terrorist organisation" by Turkey.

Jawhar left Turkey in 2011 for the border areas of Kurdistan Region where he became an assistant commandant of the PKK and in 2020, he was elected as the head of HPG's department of foreign relations, the source further explained.

Earlier the day, reports said that the PKK fighters had attacked the Turkish forces in the border areas of Kurdistan Region's Duhok province on Sunday, leaving one Turkish soldier killed, the death of which was also confirmed by Turkey.

The Kurdish fighters had targeted a military vehicle of the Turkish forces in the "Operation Pence-Simsek" zone, located in the border areas of Duhok province, Turkey's defense ministry said in a statement.

On September 10, the Turkish army claimed that it had “neutralized” six fighters of the PKK in the same region.

Turkey, since 2019, has conducted a number of military operations against the PKK in northeast of Syria and the Kurdistan Region's border areas, as Ankara views the Kurdish armed group as a "terrorist organization".

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