Iran Bombards Kurdistan Border Areas Again
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Iran Bombards Kurdistan Border Areas Again

ERBIL — Iranian artillery on Monday once again bombarded the border areas of Kurdistan Region near Sidakan, local sources said.

The bombardment began at approximately 08:00 a.m. (Erbil Time) and targeted Barbizen heights in Sidakan, near Soran district of Erbil province.

Today’s shelling was the fourth Iranian military action since last Thursday, September 9. Iranian opposition groups, who have bases in the Kurdistan Region, said Iran had also used drones in the previous attacks.

No casualties among civilians residing in the area and the Iranian Kurdish opposition groups have been reported. However, local officials said the bombardments have caused damage to the farms and wildlife in the mountainous area.

Several Iranian Kurdish opposition parties are hosted in the Kurdistan Region for decades. Taking the relations between the Kurdistan Region and its neighbors into consideration, the opposition groups have minimized the military actions against the Iranian forces along the border.

However, Iran insists that the presence of these groups poses threat to its national security, which has given Tehran the excuse to carry out cross border bombardments continually.

During Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran over the weekend, Iranian top officials urged Baghdad to oust the Iranian Kurdish opposition parties.

“We call on the Iraqi government to take more serious action to expel these groups from Iraqi Kurdistan so that Iran does not have to take preventative measures against…these armed terrorists,” said Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s top national security body, the state news agency IRNA reported.

Earlier this month, a senior military commander of Iran said civilians should leave the areas around the Iranian opposition bases in the Kurdistan Region as Tehran would target them.


Iranian Artillery Bombards Kurdistan Borders

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