IS Overruns Iraqi Army Post in Diyala, Kills Three Soldiers
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IS Overruns Iraqi Army Post in Diyala, Kills Three Soldiers

ERBIL — The jihadists of Islamic State (IS) on Sunday night carried out two attacks on the Iraqi army in the province of Diyala, leaving three soldiers killed, a security sources revealed.

The first incident reportedly took place in the sub-district of Ozem, Diyala province, where the insurgents attacked a security post of the Iraqi army, leaving at least one soldier wounded, the source said in a statement.

The militants soon after the first attack, targeted another security post of the Iraqi army in Tali'a village, in Khalis town of Ozem sub-district, where the jihadists killed three soldiers, wounded another, and overran the post.

According to the source, additional Iraqi troops were deployed to the region and clashed with the Islamic State militants.

This comes as the insurgent group has lately intensified its terrorist activities in various areas of Iraq, particularly in the territories disputed between Erbil and Baghdad where a security vacuum is seen.

Last week, nearly 20 Iraqi soldiers were either killed or wounded in two separate Islamic State attacks in Kirkuk province.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and federal government have reached an agreement to form joint brigades to secure the disputed areas.

Despite the fact that Iraq announced its "full victory" over IS in 2017, the jihadist group has so far remained a great threat to the security of most areas of Iraq, carrying out attacks regularly on security forces and civilians.

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