Iraq Prepares to Close Down Last IDP Camp in Anbar
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Iraq Prepares to Close Down Last IDP Camp in Anbar

ERBIL — The Iraqi government has begun the preparations to close down the last camp hosting the internally displaced persons, more commonly referred to as IDPs, in the province of Anbar as the displaced people are reportedly ready to go home.

Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement Ivan Faiek Jabru said in a statement that 80 displaced families, consisting of 400 individuals, have left the Amiria camp in Falluja to their hometowns.

The Iraqi minister further pointed out that preparations are underway to ensure all of the IDPs will return to their places of origin and the last camp will be closed down.

The facilitations for the voluntary return of the IDPs of Amiria were made in cooperation with the local administration of Anbar as well as the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Meanwhile, the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq (UNDP) on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement, a UNDP statement said, noting that the MoU "strengthens the partnership between the two parties to support the return and reintegration of displaced people in Iraq."

"The three-year agreement emphasizes cooperation between the parties, including support to programmes and provision of technical advice and knowledge, in line with national plans and policies to support reintegration of the displaced and an enabling environment for stabilization in Iraq."

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