Iraqi Defense Minister Visits Kirkuk after Deadly IS Attack
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Iraqi Defense Minister Visits Kirkuk after Deadly IS Attack

ERBIL — Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Inad led a delegation to visit the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk on Wednesday following a deadly attack by the militants of Islamic State (IS) which left several Iraqi soldiers killed.

According to Iraqi media outlets, the high-level delegation visited in Kirkuk for the purpose of conducting an investigation into a recent attack by the jihadist group of IS in Kirkuk earlier this week and learn more about the security affairs in the area.

On Saturday night, this week, the Iraqi army came under a terrorist attack by the IS insurgents near Rashad district, some 50 kilometers to the south of Kirkuk city, where 12 soldiers were killed and three more were wounded.

The deadly attack was followed by a similar incident in Makhmour, northwest of Kirkuk and south of Erbil, leaving three more soldiers killed with no accurate number of possible injuries among the Iraqi troops.

A serious resurgence of Islamic State has lately been seen in the territories disputed between Erbil and Baghdad, while both sides have recently agreed to form joint forces to work together in those areas.

The jihadist group was announced as "fully defeated" by Iraq in 2017. However, the insurgent group has so far continued to harm the security forces and civilians through its sleeper cells in various places of Iraq.


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