Two Civilians Killed in Turkish Airstrike against PKK in Sulaymaniyah
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Two Civilians Killed in Turkish Airstrike against PKK in Sulaymaniyah

ERBIL — At least two civilians were killed on Tuesday night after Turkish warplanes carried out multiple airstrikes against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the mountainous areas of Sulaymaniyah province, Kurdistan Region.

The airstrike occurred at around 01:30 in the vicinity of Sinamoka village of Sangasar, Mayor Nahro Abdullah told BasNews.

He did not reveal further details, but emphasized that the presence of the PKK fighters, who enter the civilian-populated areas frequently, puts the lives and the stability of the region at risk.

“The Turkish military will not bomb these areas if the PKK was not here,” Abdullah stressed.

Sangasar area is among the prime targets for the Turkish airstrikes, especially since January 2020 when Ankara stepped up its military operations against the PKK inside the territories of the Kurdistan Region.

In an almost unprecedented move, Turkish drones recently dropped bombs on an open area near Penjwen, close to the border of Iran. Turkey later claimed it had targeted the PKK fighters roaming around in the area.

Earlier in June this year, a Turkish airstrike in the mountainous areas of Pishdar, near Qaladize district left four civilians killed. Later in August, two Iraqi tourists from Mosul were killed near Zakho where Turkey was heavily bombarding the PKK positions.

The Kurdistan Region has repeatedly asked the PKK to leave its territories as its presence jeopardizes the stability of the region and puts civilian lives at stake.

Iraqi Defense Minister Anad Jumaa said in a recent statement that the Turkish military actions inside the Iraqi and Kurdistan Region territories are justified as the PKK refuses to leave these territories while it is not welcome by Baghdad.


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