Syrian Kurds Eye Deal with Damascus Amid Fear of US Withdrawal
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Syrian Kurds Eye Deal with Damascus Amid Fear of US Withdrawal

ERBIL — The Kurdish forces in Syria have begun considering an agreement with the Syrian regime amid fears of a possible US withdrawal from northeast of Syria, only days after the US troops' pullout from Afghanistan where the Taliban became dominant.

Speaking to Tasnim News Agency, Riad Darar, the head of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which is the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces , confirmed that there are "real fears experienced by the political and military forces in the region, which have increased, after the withdrawal of the US army from Afghanistan."

A possible withdrawal of the US from northeast of Syria, also known as the Syrian Kurdistan or more commonly as Rojava, could be followed by "catastrophic results," he said, pointing out that "the SDF does not know Washington's intentions regarding exiting Syria or not, and no one can bid on SDF that it fears the Americans' exit," arguing that the US "will leave one day."

Darar revealed that the SDC and SDF are ready to begin dialogue with Damascus for an agreement without setting any conditions on any new round of dialogue with the Syrian government.

They cling to some constants, which are summarized as "real partnership with Damascus, in addition to activating UN Resolution 2254 to reach a political solution in the country."

Darar additionally called on Damascus for a real dialogue, saying that "the (SDC) and (SDF) are ready for dialogue with the Syrian government on productive bases." .

However, he pointed out that the resumption of dialogue with the Syrian regime depends on Damascus's response, adding that "they are ready for dialogue at any time because they aspire to a Syrian-Syrian solution that depends on political dialogue, not military force."

Dirar pointed out that "Washington does not stand in the way of dialogue between Damascus and (SDF), while the Syrian government accuses the SDF of "working for the Americans" and receiving orders.

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