Turkish Airstrike Hits Makhmour Camp
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Turkish Airstrike Hits Makhmour Camp

ERBIL — A Turkish airstrike on Friday morning hit Makhmour Camp in south of Erbil where Ankara believes the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has established organizational facilities.

The strike, which occurred at around 08:15 (local time), targeted an empty building and caused no casualties, a local source told Kurdistan 24.

Other sources said the airstrike was carried out by a Turkish drone, and it has caused damage to the building which was emptied around two month ago.

Makhmour Camp is home to over 12,000 Kurdish refugees from Turkey. However, the PKK is accused of turning the camp into a military base which attracts Turkish airstrikes and puts civilian lives at a great risk.

Previously on June 5 this year, a Turkish airstrike killed three people in the camp. Turkey claimed the three were members of the PKK who had turned the camp into a military base from where they were recruiting and training fighters.

The June airstrike came only days after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “clean up” the camp which, as he said, was a safe haven for the PKK fighters.

A day before the latest attack on Makhmour Camp, Turkish warplanes targeted multiple locations in the Yezidi region of Sinjar where they believe the PKK maintains a high military presence.

Turkey and PKK are locked in a decades-long armed conflict which has left tens of thousands of casualties on both the sides while many more were forced to leave their homes along the border areas between the Kurdistan Region, Turkey, and Syria.

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