Turkish Warplanes Hit PKK Facility, Vehicle in Sinjar
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Turkish Warplanes Hit PKK Facility, Vehicle in Sinjar

Two civilians were injured in Duhok in a separate bombardment

ERBIL — Turkish warplanes on Thursday targeted a facility and vehicle belonging to the PKK-affiliated armed groups in the Yezidi majority populated region of Sinjar, a Peshmerga commander has confirmed.

Qassim Shasho, a Peshmerga commander in Sinjar, told BasNews that the Turkish aircrafts were still flying over the Sinjar mountain where the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) — an armed group operating under the command of the PKK, is in Mount Sinjar.

Shasho noted that the airstrikes resulted in casualties but he did not elaborate on an accurate number of people who possibly lost their lives or suffered from injuries.

The report was also confirmed by Ezdin Shamo, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official in the region, who said that a vehicle was bombed by an airstrike, noting that one person was reportedly killed and one more was wounded.

Elsewhere in Amedi district of Duhok province, Turkish fighter jets and ground artilleries bombarded the areas where the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) are suspected to be present.

The bombardments in Sidan village reportedly left two civilians wounded who were taken to the hospital, Amedi Mayor Warshin Salman told BasNews, explaining that the wounded are now in a stable health condition.

The Kurdish official further called on both the Turkish army and PKK fighters to avoid using the Kurdistan Region's territory as a battleground for settling their disputes.

The PKK is viewed as a "terrorist organisation" by Turkey and the two sides are in a military confrontation for more than three decades over the Kurdish question in the country.

The Turkish army has vowed to target the PKK positions wherever they are present. It has continued to target vehicles and facilities used by the PKK in different areas of the Kurdistan Region.

The Turkish aircrafts earlier last month killed a senior PKK commander in Sinjar where they also hit a health center. The UN, at the time, condemned the incidents and called on all sides to avoid putting the lives of civilians in danger.

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