Iran Detains a Kurdish Language Teacher
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Iran Detains a Kurdish Language Teacher

ERBIL — Iranian Intelligence Service on Monday detained a well-known activist and Kurdish language teacher Chro Ahmadi in Diwandarra, Kurdistan province.

Hengaw Organization for Human Rights said six members of the Iranian Intelligence Service, better known as “Ettelaat”, raided Ahmadi’s home where she lives with her parents.

“They have also seized her computer, as well as the cell phones of the entire family,” the monitoring group said in a report, noting that the place of her detention was not known by the family and friends.

The charges made against Ahmadi are not known yet, but the human rights organization believes her detention is possibly related to her cultural activism, especially in the area of Kurdish language teaching.

Ahmadi is working with Zagros Cultural Institution in Sanandaj where she promotes the Kurdish language by teaching the mother tongue to the young generation who study Persian in the educational system of Iran.

Since August 1, Iranian authorities have arrested at least 25 Kurds on different charges, according to the statistics recorded by Hangaw.

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