KRG Makes COVID-19 Vaccination Obligatory for Government Employees
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KRG Makes COVID-19 Vaccination Obligatory for Government Employees

ERBIL — The COVID-19 Task Force of the Kurdistan Region on Tuesday made it obligatory for government employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as the disease once again rages through the region.

KRG Spokesperson Jotiar Adil told reporters after an extraordinary meeting of the Task Force that 14 new regulations have been introduce to combat the spread.

According to Adil, tourists visiting the Kurdistan Region are required to present a vaccination document at their arrival or hold a negative COVID-19 test result obtained 48 hours prior to their arrival.

In public places and all government institutions, wearing a face mask is compulsory, including for those who are fully vaccinated, the spokesperson added.

Gyms and swimming pools will be open with health guidelines implemented. Other public social or religious ceremonies are not allowed.

Mosques, churches and other religious places will remain open, but strict measures will be taken to make sure that the public health is not at risk.

The decisions came a day after the Kurdistan Region recorded the highest-ever single-day infection numbers. There were over 3,500 cases reported on Monday alone.

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