PKK Fighters Burn Civilian House in Village near Akre
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PKK Fighters Burn Civilian House in Village near Akre

ERBIL — A group of fighters belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) have burned a house whose owner refused to host them, a Kurdistan Region official said.

On Wednesday, the PKK fighters asked a family in Mimbar village near Dinarta, northeast of Akre, Duhok province, to let them in, Mayor of Dinarta, Shabaan Khalil, told BasNews.

“The family rejected their request, which ultimately led to an argument. The family panicked so they left the village overnight,” Shabaan explained.

He said the PKK fighters set fire to the house after the family had left, maybe as a warning to the rest of the residents of Mimbar village.

The incident has spread panic among the villagers who fear the PKK’s presence for also attracting Turkish airstrikes which have proven deadly in the past.

This comes after two separated attacks by the PKK in the recent days. On Saturday morning, they attacked a convoy of the Peshmerga forces in Matina Mountain of Akre, killing six Peshmerga soldiers and injuring seven more.

Elsewhere near Zakho, one Peshmerga was killed by a suspected PKK sniper fire on Monday.