Peshmerga Ministry Condemns Killing of Peshmerga Soldier by PKK in Zakho
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Peshmerga Ministry Condemns Killing of Peshmerga Soldier by PKK in Zakho

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry has condemned the killing of a Peshmerga fighter by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) near Zakho, Duhok province.

“Following the developments in the recent days, at 07:30 am today, a Peshmerga named Razwan Mohammed Ali was killed in Sharansh subdistrict of Zakho,” reads the statement.

“This is the second occurrence of undesired events in the past three days. We, as the Ministry of Peshmerga, condemn these actions in the strongest terms,” the ministry added, noting that such actions against the Peshmerga forces could only benefit the enemies of the people of Kurdistan.

This comes after the PKK fighters attacked a Peshmerga convoy on Saturday in Matina Mountain near Amedi, and killed six Peshmerga soldiers while seven others suffered injuries.

Peshmerga Ministry has also called on the Global Coalition and the Iraqi Federal Government to play a more active role in bringing the situation in the border areas under control and deescalate tensions.

“The PKK forces should realize the fact that no achievements would be made through such actions, and that it is only our people who will pay the price. The Peshmerga forces will shoulder their responsibilities to protect our land, our government, parliament, and institutions.”

The ministry made it clear that the Peshmerga forces are responsible to protect Kurdistan Region’s territorial sovereignty while continuing the war against the Islamic State (IS).