Peshmerga Repels IS Attack in Garmiyan
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Peshmerga Repels IS Attack in Garmiyan

ERBIL - Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces on Tuesday night managed to repel an attack carried out by the militants of Islamic State in Garmiyan area, a source said.

Kurdistan 24 cited its correspondent in the area as reporting that the insurgents attacked a position of the Peshmerga forces in an area between Balaga and Omar Bil villages.

The attack was soon repelled by the Peshmerga fighters, the report said.

According to initial reports, at least one Peshmerga fighter has been wounded in the IS attack.

This is the second attack by the Islamic State on Peshmerga forces within the past two weeks.

Earlier on 1st of May, the jihadist group targeted the positions of Peshmerga forces south of capital Erbil, leaving three Kurdish fighters killed and two others wounded.

This comes while a serious Islamic State resurgence has lately been seen in the areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad with Kurdish top leaders renewing their calls for cooperation between the Iraqi and Peshmerga forces in those territories.