Iraq Rejects Reports of Compulsory Vaccination
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Iraq Rejects Reports of Compulsory Vaccination

ERBIL - Iraq's Ministry of Health has rejected the reports of compulsory vaccination in the country, saying that the number of people willing to be vaccinated is higher than those who hesitate to do so in comparison to other countries.

Saif Badir, a spokesperson for the ministry, told reporters that they have not forced the citizens to receive COVID-19 vaccines, reasserting that it is optional for everyone.

The rate of those people who hesitate to be vaccinated is "much" lower than those who prefer to receive the vaccine in Iraq compared to other parts of the world, Badir argued.

He also called on the Iraqi people to receive vaccines as the situation continues to deteriorate in the country.

There have been rumors that the Iraqi government had left no options for its citizens but to be vaccinated.

According to the latest updates by the health ministry, a total of 993,158 people have so far been diagnosed with COVID-19 across Iraq, out of which 870,927 individuals recovered while 15,060 others died.