PM Barzani Meets with European Envoys in Erbil
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PM Barzani Meets with European Envoys in Erbil


ERBIL - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has reaffirmed his cabinet's commitment to the Federal Budget Law, calling on Baghdad to fulfill its obligations in this regard.

The Kurdish premier made the remarks during his meeting with EU member states' representatives in Erbil on Tuesday where they discussed the latest affairs in regards with the relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iraqi government.

"Pleasure to see EU member states' reps today. I reaffirmed our commitment to the federal budget law and called on Baghdad to fulfill its obligations, including previously delayed payments," Barzani wrote on Twitter.

They also exchanged views on the ties between the Kurdistan Region European Union, stressing on ways to strengthen the relations between the sides, with PM Barzani outlining reform efforts "to diversify revenue, reduce costs, and improve transparency."

In addition to issues related to the budget and Kurdistan Region's share from it, Article 140 from the Iraqi constitution and its implementation have been major topics between the sides.

"I’m optimistic the budget law can help solve other pending issues, particularly implementation of Article 140 and the normalization of the disputed territories. This would bring renewed certainty to Iraq and the region at large," the Kurdish prime minister concluded.