US-led Coalition Delivers Military Assistance to Iraq: Source
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US-led Coalition Delivers Military Assistance to Iraq: Source

ERBIL - The US-led Coalition to combat the Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday delivered military assistance to Iraq, a source has revealed.

Speaking to Shafaq News, a source from the Global Coalition pointed out that the military equipment, aimed at empowering the Iraqi forces, was received by the country's Interior Ministry.

"The Joint Task Force of Al-Azm Al-Salb Operation donated to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior equipment which was recieved at Ain Al-Asad Air Base in Al-Anbar province," the source said.

"The equipment is composed of more than 1,250 M240B machine guns and M4 Carbines, in addition to 81 4WD vehicles and Humvees," he noted, adding that the equipment was funded by "the Counter-ISIS Train and Equip Fund (CTEF)" which is a part of the United States' whole-of-government approach to support the lasting defeat of Islamic State.

The military assistance comes while the Islamic State jihadist group has continued to pose a serious threat to the security forces and civilians through its sleeper cells and small terrorist groups in Iraq.

Although part of the Shia factions in the Iraqi parliament have been pushing for the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq, Washington has often made it clear that the troops are present in the country at the request of Baghdad.