UN Condemns Killing of Teenager in Iraq’s Latest Wave of Protests
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UN Condemns Killing of Teenager in Iraq’s Latest Wave of Protests

ERBIL — The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has “strongly” condemned the violence during anti-government protests in southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar which left a young protester killed.

“UNAMI strongly condemns the recent deadly violence in Dhi Qar. We again call on the authorities to put an end to impunity: those responsible for this and earlier attacks must be brought to justice,” UNAMI said in an online statement published on its official Twitter account.

“Calm and peaceful resolution of differences are the only way forward,” it added.

Medical sources said 12 security personnel and four other protesters were injured during Monday’s demonstrations outside the office of Dhi Qar governor.

BasNews previously reported that protesters had set fire to the office of Dhi Qar governor, asking for his resignation as he was blamed for the poor public services.

Anti-government protests first broke out in Iraq in October 2019 over unemployment, lack of public services, and corruption. The first wave of protests, which was violently responded by the security forces, left over 600 casualties with thousands injured or detained.