US Forces Not Needed in Iraq: Maliki
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US Forces Not Needed in Iraq: Maliki

ERBIL — Former Iraqi Prime Minister and the current leader of State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, believes that the stability of Iraq is not bound to the presence of the US forces.

“We don’t really need the US troops in Iraq,” Maliki said during an interview on Saturday.

The politician also blamed the Iraqi government for putting the responsibility of “expulsion” of the US forces on the parliament.

The pro-Iran majority Shia factions at the Iraqi parliament passed a non-biding resolution which required the Iraqi government to set a plan and timetable to send the US forces out.

However, Maliki said, the Iraqi government has also failed in working in line with the resolution.

Earlier on Saturday night, at least four rockets were fired at Balad Base which houses the US forces in Salahaddin province, north of Baghdad, reportedly injuring one contractor working with a US defense company providing camp services.

Pro-Iran Shia militias constantly threaten the US forces and occasionally target their bases, convoys, or other interests across the country.