Another Liquor Store Attacked in Baghdad amid Growing “Booze Bombings”
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Another Liquor Store Attacked in Baghdad amid Growing “Booze Bombings”

ERBIL — In the latest attack in Iraq’s capital city, a liquor store was targeted in the early morning on Sunday which caused massive damages.

Media reports said the liquor store was located in Wahdah district of central Baghdad, and it has suffered considerable damages.

No one was hurt in the attack as it took place before dawn when the marketplace is not yet open.

This comes as the latest attack on alcohol shops in the Iraqi capital by unknown perpetrators.

Authorities said late in December 2020 that at least 14 liquor stores were targeted with bombings over the course of two months only.

The motivation behind the grown “booze bombings” are not clear yet. Some people believe that the stores are being targeted by the hard-line Shia Islamist groups who practically control and run the country. Others think the attacks are carried out by those in the same business in hopes of conquering the market by removing competitors.

On 16th December 2020, three stores were targeted with IED’s simultaneously in western Baghdad.

Iraq’s War Media Cell said back then that an unknown group calling itself Ahl Al-Ma'rouf targeted the stores. A fourth bomb attached to a civilian vehicle was thwarted safely by the security forces, it said.