Over 10% of Public Servants in Iraq are ‘Ghost Employees’: Government
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Over 10% of Public Servants in Iraq are ‘Ghost Employees’: Government

ERBIL — The ‘ghost employees’ make up 10% of the total number of people on government’s payroll in Iraq, according to the country’s Finance Minister Ali Allawi.

Iraq is known for widespread corruption, low life standards, and high rate of unemployment despite being among the top world oil exporters. Many international analyses believe mismanagement, among other factors, is wasting the huge wealth of the country.

Iraq’s official newspaper al-Sabah cited the country’s Finance Minister Ali Allawi as saying that over 300,000 ghost employees waste a huge budget and put a greater pressure on the government in Iraq.

There are also many people who receive more than on salary from the government without any contribution to government’s services, according to al-Sabah.

Abdulzahra Hindawi, a spokesperson for the ministry of planning, believes that having no accurate record on the number of government employees has created a gap where some people exploit to enjoy salaries in return of no services.

He explained that the government is now planning to document every actual employee through bank accounts and a biometric system.

“This is a significant step to end the phenomenon of ghost employees,” Hindawi added.

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