Viber in Kurdish has Arrived
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Viber in Kurdish has Arrived

In Collaboration with Korek Telecom, Users in Kurdistan Can Now Use Viber in Sorani Kurdish on Android

ERBIL — Viber, one of the most popular apps for online communication in Kurdistan, announced on Thursday, February 4th, that it has added Kurdish to its operating languages.

“Viber enjoys a large user base in Kurdistan and is part of people’s daily communications in the region. With the increased usage of Viber for messaging, calls, accessing news and information, there was a need to remove any language barriers and enable Kurdish-speaking users to use Viber in a language they feel most comfortable with,” the company said in an official press release shared with BasNews.

“As such, the addition of Kurdish as an operating language will provide Viber’s Kurdish-speaking users with an optimal user experience enabling them to enjoy Viber and all its features in their native language,” the press release added.

The addition of the Kurdish language to Viber’s operating system was in collaboration with Korek Telecom, one of the first and largest Kurdish telecommunication companies in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Commenting on the launch of Kurdish on Viber, Anna Znamenskaya, Chief Growth Officer at Rakuten Viber says “Viber is currently available in 41 different languages and the addition of Kurdish will remove any language barriers experienced in the past and will help our users in Kurdistan to access Viber in a way that feels organic and natural to them. Doing this in collaboration with Korek Telecom added the local knowledge and expertise needed to the project and we are excited to be collaborating with Korek with many upcoming projects in the future that add value to our users.”

About the collaboration with Viber, Mazin Sirwan, Communications Director at Korek Telecom said “we encourage all efforts to improve the availability of the Kurdish language in the digital space and we are excited to collaborate with Viber as the first messaging app to launch Kurdish as an app operating language. Kurdish-speaking users now have the comfort of using Viber in their mother language, which will enhance their overall user experience.”

Below are the instructions on the Kurdish language settings provided by Viber:

The strong and loyal user base Viber enjoys in Kurdistan is thanks to Viber’s strategy to invest in providing a seamless user experience and locally relevant content to users, making Viber unique in comparison to other apps in the market. Besides launching Kurdish, Viber works closely with local partners to ensure the availability of quality content in Kurdish on the platform. Atanas Raykov, Senior Director EMENA at Rakuten Viber comments “A key focus for Viber is to offer useful and high-quality local information and content inside the app. We work closely with the Department of Media and Information of the Kurdistan Regional Government with whom we launched official communities to facilitate the communication of verified and fact-checked information about COVID-19. We launch sticker packs in Kurdish that celebrate users’ culture and traditions and we partner with other business partners including telecommunication companies, influencers and media organisations to provide content that meets the needs and interests of our users in Kurdistan.”

Users need to make sure they have the latest version of Viber to be able switch language to Kurdish, click here.

How to change your Viber language to Kurdish in 3 easy steps on Android:
Open Viber, click on “More”
Go to “Settings”, then choose “General”
Click on “Language” and select “Kurdish”
And now enjoy Viber 100% in Kurdish.

About Rakuten Viber:
At Rakuten Viber, we connect people. No matter who they are, or where they are from. Our global user base has access to a range of features like one-on-one chats, video calls, group messaging, and updates and discussions with their favorite brands and celebrities. We ensure our users have a secure and free environment to share their emotions.

Rakuten Viber is part of Rakuten Inc., a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. It is the official communication channel of FC Barcelona, and the official instant messaging and calling app partner of the Golden State Warriors.