No Cooperations with US on Israel: Iran
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No Cooperations with US on Israel: Iran

ERBIL - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has made it clear that his country will not cooperate with the US on Israel.

Zarif made the comments during an interview with the reformist Etmad newspaper published on Saturday, in which he also noted that Tehran could cooperate with Washington on other issues such as oil and security in the Gulf, as reported by Reuters.

"In my personal opinion, we should define our relationship with the United States: To tell the U.S. that ‘we will not cooperate with you on the issue of Israel and we will disagree with you," Zarif said.

The relations between Washington and Tehran began to deteriorate soon after former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on the country.

While newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden has said that Washington would rejoin the nuclear deal if Tehran resumes strict compliance, Iran has called for actions and "not just words".

Zarif further noted that Iran “will not allow you to interfere in its internal affairs, but we have no problem working with you on the question of oil. We have no problem with ensuring the security of the Persian Gulf, though we believe that foreign presence in the Persian Gulf causes insecurity and you should not be there.”