Iraq Postpones Approving Compulsory Military Bill: MP
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Iraq Postpones Approving Compulsory Military Bill: MP

ERBIL - An Iraqi lawmaker revealed on Wednesday that the federal government has postponed approving the compulsory military bill.

MP Abdulkhaliq Azawi said in a statement that, despite the fact the compulsory military bill is vital for the country, the Iraqi Council of Representatives will not be able to vote on the bill in the current round of the parliament.

Azawi said that he believes the compulsory military law will bring equity for all components in Iraq.

The member of parliamentary committee of security and defense noted that the next government would be likely to begin working on the bill and send it to the parliament.

"And in the parliament, the majority of the factions are supporting the approval of the law," he concluded.

Although Iraqi PM had set June 6, 2021 for holding the parliamentary elections, the Council of Ministers announced on Tuesday that the vote was delayed until October 10 this year, which came after the country's Independent High Electoral Commission said it would not be able to finish the preparations by the time previously scheduled for the election.