COVID-19: Erbil Introduces New Measures
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COVID-19: Erbil Introduces New Measures

ERBIL - Authorities in the Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil introduced new measures against the coronavirus in the province on Sunday.

During a meeting of the Erbil Operations Room held in the capital city on Sunday, officials decided to form two committees to visit schools and government's offices and ensure the health measures, especially wearing masks, are well followed.

The two committees will consist of representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Erbil General Directorate of Health, and Erbil General Directorate of Education.

Malls, supermarkets, marketplaces, and restaurants will remain open but expected to fully abide by the official guidelines or they would be forced to close their sites, according to a statement by the Erbil Operations Room.

Drivers of personal vehicles, taxis, and public buses drivers should also wear masks.

While nightclubs, liquor stores, cafes, and other similar sites are expected to close at midnight, no wedding parties, conferences, or any other similar gatherings will be allowed, but resorts will be open if the health guidelines are implemented.