Germany Extends Anti-IS Mission in Iraq
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Germany Extends Anti-IS Mission in Iraq

ERBIL — The German Federal Parliament has extended the armed forces’ mandate in the US-led Global Coalition against the Islamic State (IS), and the NATO mission in Iraq.

The German armed forces will remain engaged in the battle against the terrorist group in Iraq until January 2022, according to the mandate which was approved by 431 lawmakers.

“The terrorist organization of the so-called Islamic State remains dangerous. The IS organizes underground activities in Iraq and Syria and is still carrying out attacks,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in his remarks welcoming the Bundestag’s decision.

“During the pandemic, it [IS] was able to take advantage of the partially reduced persecution pressure. In order to guarantee security in the region and also here in Europe, we need to regain strength and prevent IS at all costs. It is therefore important that the Bundestag decided today to extend the Bundeswehr mandate,” Mass added.

The focus of the mandate is on building the capabilities of the regular Iraqi armed and security forces and supporting Iraq in building sustainable security structures within the framework of the NATO mission in Iraq and the international anti-IS Coalition.