SDF Top Commander Denounces Burning of Kurdistan Flag in Baghdad
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SDF Top Commander Denounces Burning of Kurdistan Flag in Baghdad

ERBIL — The General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Maloum Abdi, has condemned the Saturday attack on the office of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Baghdad where Hashd al-Shaabi supporters burned the Kurdistan flag.

“The burning of flags, symbols and headquarters is not a civilized way to express political differences,” Abdi wrote on Twitter. “The sanctities and symbols of peoples must be protected, and those who violate the law must be held accountable for the principles of coexistence”

He also reminded that hundreds of thousands of Kurd “were martyred in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to raise their flag, liberate their land from dictatorship and terrorism, and establish peace.”

The burning of KDP office and Kurdistan flag in Baghdad was condemned by all political factions and leaders inside Iraq, including the foreign diplomatic representatives.

The US State Department issued a statement earlier today in which it condemned the attack and warned that the destabilizing activities of Iran-backed militias operating outside of the Government of Iraq control are inflaming ethnic and sectarian tensions and undermining democracy.