Moscow Evacuates nearly 30 Children from Syria's Al-Hol Camp
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Moscow Evacuates nearly 30 Children from Syria's Al-Hol Camp

ERBIL - Moscow on Friday evacuated nearly 30 Russian Russian children from Syria's al-Hol camp with an aircraft of the country’s Defense Ministry, Russian children’s rights commissioner, Anna Kuznetsova, confirmed.

Kuznetsova explained in a statement that the 27 children were between the ages of 2 and 13, who will go through medical checks and be put into quarantine before being sent to their relatives across Russia, as cited by the Middle East Monitor.

"Seventeen children will go to Dagestan," Kuznetsova said. "Four to Penza region, and two to each of the following regions: Tyumen, Volgograd and Chechnya."

This was Russia's third evacuation of the country's children, including orphans, many of whom were born during the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Kuznetsova further revealed that there is a possibility of another mission to evacuate the remaining Russian children from the Syrian camp.

"We hope very much that this succeeds, because more than 70 children are still there with all of their documents ready. If we are in time with the next visit, documents for 27 more children will be issued."