Syrian Kurdish Parties Reach Initial Agreement to Form “Supreme Kurdish Reference”
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Syrian Kurdish Parties Reach Initial Agreement to Form “Supreme Kurdish Reference”

ERBIL — Major Kurdish political parties in the Syrian Kurdistan have announced an initial agreement on the establishment of a Supreme Kurdish Reference that will have the authority to decide on the main political strategies.

Though it is not a final accord, the initial agreement is between the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC). It is brokered by the United States.

The announcement came a day after the US Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, visited Hasakah in northeast Syria and took part in a meeting between the sides, also including the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Imad Birho, a member of the KNC, told BasNews that the initial agreement needs additional efforts to be finalized as it does not cover the areas of jurisdiction and the military affairs within the Supreme Kurdish Reference.

He also noted that the 40-member council will make decisions on the representation of Kurds in Syria and in the international arena, and it will devise general strategies to safeguard the current achievements of the Kurds in the country.

Mazlum Abdi, the commander of the SDF, previously said in a statement on Twitter that they will continue working for the unification of the Kurdish political parties, and that other factions were also invited to join the initiative.