Kurdistan President Discusses Latest Developments with EU Country Envoys
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Kurdistan President Discusses Latest Developments with EU Country Envoys

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani on Wednesday met with consul generals and diplomatic representatives of the European Union countries to discuss the latest political, security, and humanitarian developments in Kurdistan Region and beyond.

Barzani thanked the EU countries for supporting the Kurdistan Region with its reform plan, the war on terror, battling the pandemic, and hosting a huge number of Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs for over six years.

On the ongoing negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad, the Kurdish president said the Kurdistan Region is committed to find a constitutional solution to address its disputes with the federal government in a way that it would serve the interests of both sides.

“Kurdistan Region will remain a factor to the stability of Iraq and the wider region, and it seeks stronger relations with the neighbors based on respect and mutual interests,” reads a statement by the Presidency.

On the threat of Islamic State resurgence, Barzani emphasized that a close cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad, with the support of the US-led Coalition, is crucial to defeat the extremist ideology, especially in the areas known as the disputed territories.