“Orange Man Dreams” Reaches Final of LELOUN International Film Festival
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“Orange Man Dreams” Reaches Final of LELOUN International Film Festival

ERBIL — A Kurdish film is now officially the finalist running for the best award of the LELOUN International Film Festival.

“Orange Man Dreams”, directed by Shirin Jihani, recreates the world of a man in the Islamic State (IS) captivity and counting down days to his death. While in prison, he dreams about freedom and recalls the days he had spent with family and friends.

It highlights the struggles of an individual in the captivity of one of the most brutal extremist group.

“Orange Man Dreams” is nominated for the best award of LELOUN film festival after 58 works were selected from 150 countries around the world. The festival will announce the winners on September 21, 2020, during an event held in a camp where the displaced Kurds from Afrin, Syria, are now living.

Shirin Jihani is a Kurdish filmmaker whose film has so far won multiple festivals, including Anti-Terrorism Festival in Erbil, Cinema from Women’s View Film Festival in Kurdistan, Tally Shorts Film Festival in the US, and Pune International Film Festival in India.