Korea’s Top Diplomat in Kurdistan Publishes Kurdish Poetry Book to Mark Anfal Anniversary
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Korea’s Top Diplomat in Kurdistan Publishes Kurdish Poetry Book to Mark Anfal Anniversary

ERBIL — The Consul General of the Republic of Korea on Tuesday published his Kurdish poetry book and released a Kurdish-language music video to mark the 32nd anniversary of the eighth round of Anfal in his own unique way.

CHOI Kwangjin, the top Korean diplomat in Kurdistan, appeared in a press conference on 25th August together with officials from Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Victims Affairs as well as representatives from the Peshmerga Ministry, to launch his poetry book dedicated to those who fell victims to the genocidal attacks of the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.

His book, titled Gulala Shora (Red Tulip) consists of 11 poems in Kurdish, Korean, and English, and they are the reflection of the tough history of Kurds which are put into words by a senior diplomat who values the culture, tradition, and history of his host community.

During the same event, Mr. CHOI Kwangjin also released his first Kurdish song in which he sings one of the poems published in his book, on a melody he wrote himself.

Soon after the event, the song went viral on Kurdish social media and, also, found its way to major media outlets, all applauding the diplomat who has practically proven the moto of “We are Your Friends”, which first appeared on the military vehicles of the Korean forces who took part in the liberation of Iraq in 2003.

The eighth round — which was the last one — of Saddam Hussein’s Anfal campaign began on 25th August 1988 and continued till 5th September the same year across the Kurdish populated areas of Nineveh and Duhok provinces.

As the result of the eighth round of the campaign, 448 Kurdish villages were totally destroyed. According to records, a total of 13,361 Kurdish individuals, including 1,489 men, 3,368 women, and 6,964 children, were massacred by the notorious Baath regime.

Documents demonstrate that nearly 250,000 Iraqi troops were involved in the campaign.

To watch the music video, please click HERE.