Korea Donates $400,000 Worth of Testing Kits to Help KRG's Fight against COVID-19
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Korea Donates $400,000 Worth of Testing Kits to Help KRG's Fight against COVID-19

ERBIL — Korea has provided the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with $400,000 worth of medical supplies to help the effort against the new coronavirus outbreak.

Kurdistan Region Health Minister Saman Barzanji and Korean Consul General to Erbil, CHOI Kwangjin, attended a ceremony last Wednesday at the Erbil International Airport where they received the aid shipment.

“Our today’s donation follows the POSCO's donation of COVID-19 testing kits last month, and KOICA's assistance for the families in-need during Ramadhan. Korean Consulate is pleased to contribute in soothing the current health crisis in Kurdistan Region,” reads a press release by the consulate general in Erbil.

“It is the token of friendship, credible amity and trust between Korea and the Kurdistan Region. Korea has been providing annual in-kind medical assistance to the Kurdistan Region since 2015. As well as various development projects since 2004,” the press release added.

"I thank the Korean government and their CG in Kurdistan CHOI Kwangjin for providing medical assistance and supplies to support the KRG’s fight against #COVID-19, and for your continued efforts and partnership with the government and people of Kurdistan," Safin Dizayi, head of KRG's Department of Foreign Relations, wrote on Twitter.

After overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s Baath Regime in 2003, Korea deployed a military division called “Zaytoon Division” in Kurdistan which has ever since been applauded for well contributing to multiple development projects as well as trainings and cultural activities.

After President Moon Jai-in’s announcement of 100 Million USD humanitarian assistance plan at the world health assembly on May 18 , Korea has provided assistance to more than 100 countries. Multilaterally Korea takes the initiative of many dialogues to facilitate the international cooperation at UN, UNESCO, etc.

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