Baghdad Reluctant to Resolve Disputes: KRG
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Baghdad Reluctant to Resolve Disputes: KRG

ERBIL — Chaired by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held a meeting via videoconference to discuss the current financial hardship as well the the negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad.

The KRG said in a statement after the meeting that the Council of Ministers underscored the efforts by Kurdistan Region’s negotiating delegation, and made it clear that Erbil has left “no constitutional, legal, and financial excuses” in the talks with the federal government.

“The Kurdistan Region has accepted all the constitutional obligations. However, the federal government [of Iraq] has shown no willingness to send the budget for public servants’ salaries in [Kurdistan] Region,” reads the statement.

This, according to the KRG, has adversely affected the people on the regional government’s payroll while they are already struggling with the health crisis related to COVID-19 outbreak.

The statement also emphasizes that the government employees in Kurdistan Region, alike those in other parts of Iraq, are entitled to receive their salaries on time, for which Baghdad is responsible.

“Therefore, the [Kurdistan Region] Council of Ministers expresses its deep concern about the negative position of the federal government, and it calls on [Baghdad] to respond to the efforts [by Erbil] towards a solution to their differences based on the constitution of Iraq.”

The KRG also reaffirmed its commitment to fulfill its obligations articulated in the constitution, while expecting Baghdad to also help resolve the longstanding disputes by fulfilling its share of obligations towards the government employees in Kurdistan Region.

During the meeting, the cabinet agreed to ask the Kurdistan negotiating delegation to proceed with the talks in Baghdad and help reach a constitutional resolution with the federal government.