KRG Renews Call on Turkey, PKK to Leave with Their Conflict
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KRG Renews Call on Turkey, PKK to Leave with Their Conflict

ERBIL - The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has renewed its call on the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Turkish army to avoid waging their military confrontation on the Kurdistan Region soil.

The call came only hours after a Turkish airstrike targeted a vehicle of the Iraqi border guards in Kurdistan Region's Sidakan area where two senior commanders were killed and several other people were injured.

The Iraqi border guards were in the region for talks with the PKK fighters in efforts to reach an agreement with the Kurdish armed group and convince them to withdraw from the civilian-populated region.

"Today, at 2:45 pm, a Turkish fighter jet bombed a vehicle belonging to Iraqi Government's Border Patrol Forces while patrolling border areas in Bradost region, tragically killing two commanders: Commander of Border Patrol's Second Brigade Brigadier General Mohammed Rashid Sleman, and Commander of Border Patrol's Third Regiment of the Second Brigade Colonel Zuber Tajaadin. Colonel Hesamadin Hasan was also wounded in the attack," a statement by the Ministry of Interior explained.

"We reiterate our position that Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and Turkey should take their fight and rivalry outside the territory of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. They should no longer make our people pay the price for this rivalry," it added.

Turkey views the PKK as a "terrorist organisation" and there is a decades-long military confrontation between the two sides over the Kurdish question in the country.

Moreover, Turkey has been targeting positions of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region's border areas for several years.