KDP and PUK Agree to Address Differences
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KDP and PUK Agree to Address Differences

ERBIL — Following a meeting between senior delegations from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Tuesday, the two major Kurdish parties agreed to address their differences and enhance closer cooperations.

KDP and PUK said in a joint press release after the meeting, which was also attended by PUK Co-leader Bafel Talabani, that they will work to fully implement the 2019 agreement in order to help Kurdistan Region overcome the current health and economic crises.

They also agreed to remain supportive to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its agenda as they both are the main components of the current cabinet.

Avoiding media tensions was also agreed by the KDP and PUK delegations, according to the press release.

Concerning the upcoming snap elections in Iraq, the sides agreed to work together and consult with their representatives at the Iraqi government and parliament, so as to devise a suitable plan for the elections which could help the best interests of the people.

The press release also revealed that a wider meeting between KDP and PUK politburos, hosted by Kurdistan Region Presidency, was agreed upon.