Iraq's IHEC Says Ready for Early Election with Conditions
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Iraq's IHEC Says Ready for Early Election with Conditions

ERBIL -  Independent High Electoral CommissioIraq'sn (IHEC) announced on Saturday that it was ready for holding early elections in June, 2021, if its four conditions are met.

The IHEC argued that the Council of Representatives should implemente the election law as soon as possible and publish it in the official gazette.

It has also demanded that the parliament should complete the law related to the federal judiciary.

In its third condition, the electoral commission said that the government should prepare a budget for the process and provide requirements previously requested by the commission from the relevant ministries.

The commission further called on the UN as well as other international organizations to provide electoral assistance and the necessary oversight to ensure free, transparent and fair elections

Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Friday night announced that the country would hold early elections on June 6, 2021. He also urged the parliament to send the election law to the president so that he would approve it.