Turkey Launches Ground Operation Against PKK in Kurdistan Region
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Turkey Launches Ground Operation Against PKK in Kurdistan Region

ERBIL — Turkey launched on Wednesday a large-scale ground operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Kurdistan Region, said the Turkish Defence Ministry.

According to an official statement earlier today, the Turkish ground forces have already been sent into Kurdistan’s Haftanin region.

The troops are backed by aerial support, allegedly planning to “neutralize” the PKK forces and their affiliates in the region.

"Operation Claw-Tiger is being carried out as part of our legitimate defense rights arising from international law oriented against the PKK and other terrorist elements that have recently attempted increased harassment and attacks on our police stations and base areas," the statement said.

It comes days after Turkey carried out a massive aerial operation by 18 fighter jets to target the PKK positions in Qandil, Sinjar, Akre, and Makhmour.

Iraq soon condemned the airstrikes and summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad to hand him a note of protest and urge Ankara to avoid the recurrence of such “provocative actions”.

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