IS Kills, Injures 6 Iraqi Policemen, Tribal Forces in Diyala
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IS Kills, Injures 6 Iraqi Policemen, Tribal Forces in Diyala

ERBIL — In three separate attacks overnight on Sunday, the Islamic State (IS) militants killed and injured six members of Iraqi armed forces and tribal fighters in Diyala province, local officials confirmed.

The first attack was carried out by the IS snipers in Qaratappa subdistrict of Khanaqin, which left at least one policeman dead.

Elsewhere in Isllah village near Jalawla (Gulala), Diyala police spokesperson Nihad Mohammed told BasNews that the IS jihadists fired multiple rockets at a residential area and then carried out an attack.

They were engaged by the residents and security forces, Mohammed added, confirming that one security personnel was killed.

Also in Uzeim area, the IS jihadists attacked the tribal forces, killing one and injuring four others.

The series of attacks come amid a dramatic increase in IS activities in the disputed Kurdish areas and other provinces of Iraq. Earlier on Saturday, the jihadist group carried out a large-scale attack on Hashd al-Shaabi and killed over 40 militiamen.

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