Kurds and Their Historic Struggle
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Kurds and Their Historic Struggle

The biggest issue of the Kurdish struggle is the lack of cooperation and internal unity both on the domestic and international levels. The prices that the Kurds pay do not have counter results. Kurds die and they pay very high price but without no favorable outcomes for them. 

The lack of unity among the Kurdish political powers for instance in Iraqi Kurdistan had led to the loss of Kirkuk which was a very strategic territory for the Kurds in Iraq, and to the present day, the Iraqi Kurdish political parties have not been able to unite in this very essential national meaning. 

They put all the blames on the external powers. It is true that the external powers do have a great influence on the fate of the Kurds, but again the unity of the Kurds both internally in each part and externally in the four parts of Kurdistan could lead to a better and significant achievement on the world’s political agenda.

This is not to justify the atrocities carried out by the external powers against the Kurds, but, on the other hand, the Kurds should be wise and conscious enough to take lessons from their long history of being betrayed and used by world and regional powers that usually look for their own interests rather than the fair basic rights of the Kurds.

Basically, History is repeating itself with no difference for the Kurds. Therefore, Kurds should break out through this vicious cycle by their own means and that, can only be achieved through national unity.

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