PUK Hands Over 9 Terror Suspects to Rakan al-Jabouri in Kirkuk
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PUK Hands Over 9 Terror Suspects to Rakan al-Jabouri in Kirkuk

ERBIL — The counter-terrorism unit affiliated with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on Tuesday handed over nine detainees suspected of terrorism and membership in the Islamic State (IS) to Rakan al-Jabouri, the Baghdad-appointed governor of Kirkuk.

According to a press release by the Arab Council of Kirkuk, which was seen by BasNews, the transfer of the suspects came after “pressure” by demonstrations which called for the release of “innocent” people.

The terror suspects were transferred in two guarded vehicles of PUK’s counter-terrorism, and headed over to a force under the command of Jabouri.

Former lawmaker and the member of Kirkuk Stabalization Committee, Shakhawan Abdullah, suspected the move and said in a statement to BasNews that the authorities and security forces in Kirkuk are required to issue an official clarification to avoid harming the reputation of entire Kurdish security forces.

“If these people are innocent, why they were arrested in the first place,” Abdullah asked.

Previously in April 2019, Aras Jangi, a senior PUK official, oversaw the process of handing over eight other terror suspects to the forces affiliated with Jabouri. The suspects were accused of involvement in terrorist attacks against the Peshmerga forces.

Pictures below show April meetings during the transfer of the first group of the suspects.