Plant a Tree, Get Two Books for Free in Kurdistan
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Plant a Tree, Get Two Books for Free in Kurdistan

ERBIL — A couple in Kurdistan Region’s Barzan village have initiated a project to encourage planting trees and reading at the same time.

Rebwar Ramazan Barzani, who is a writer and environmental activist, together with his wife, Rezan Salih, announced the project recently, asking people to plant a tree, take pictures and publish them to encourage others.

In return, the couple award them with two books.

Speaking to BasNews, Barzani said the project covers the entire Kurdistan Region. “We have friends in other areas who help us delivering the books after the person sends pictures of the tree with its roots in the ground.”

Barzani and his wife are both writers with several publications. He said they do not necessarily award the people with their own books, but there is a “large number” of books written or translated by others.

“We have good books collected and they are waiting for someone to plant a tree.”