Suicide at Its Alarming Rate in Iraq
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Suicide at Its Alarming Rate in Iraq

ERBIL — Iraq’s High Commissioner for Human Rights has warned about a dramatic increase in suicide rate across the country, with parliament planning to address the issue with new measures.

At least 131 people have killed themselves in Iraq since the beginning of the current year, the commission warned earlier this week, as reported by Asharq al-Awsat.

Earlier this month, a man left a government office in central Baghdad and set himself on fire. A few days later, another man committed suicide on his wedding day.

The report said the authorities are taking into consideration the installation of high fences on bridges where men and women of different ages and from all walks of life usually jump to their death.

Law standards of life, deteriorating security situation, high rate of unemployment are just a few reasons for most of the suicides in Iraq, but the the main motivations remain obscure before thorough investigations.

MP Abdullah al-Kharbit was quoted by Asharq al-Awsat as saying that the parliament is motivated to discuss and address the issue in the coming days.

“Do not justify suicide and its causes, but we want to know what pushed the people to a despair of this degree,” the MP said.