New Conspiracy Underway Against Kurds in Kirkuk
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New Conspiracy Underway Against Kurds in Kirkuk

ERBIL — Since the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and legitimate local administration have been pushed out of Kirkuk, the Kurdish province and other areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad are facing drastic instability along with a new wave of Arabization of the area.

Local Kurdish and Arab representatives in Kirkuk have warned of a new “conspiracy” which aims at undermining the role of Kurds in the local administration as well as provoking sectarian strife.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) representative, Adnan Kirkuki, told BasNews that the Baghdad-appointed governor of Kirkuk is stepping up the efforts to further limit the role of Kurds in the administration.

He said the acting governor, supported by the top military commanders in Kirkuk, are using the Islamic State (IS) threats as a pretext to keep and increase the army in Kirkuk, but the goal is rather repressing the Kurds and implementing an Arabization campaign.

“There are additional forces deployed to the Kurdish villages of Kirkuk… They record the Kurdish families and force them out to be replaced by Arabs,” Kirkuki said.

The remarks came after Muzahim Hawet, a spokesperson for the Arab tribes of Kirkuk, told BasNews that a new “conspiracy” is underway to oust the Kurdish population.

He claimed that Rakan al-Jabouri, the acting governor of Kirkuk, supported by Kirkuk Arabic Council and Arab Union Front, is behind the conspiracy.

“They work on a sectarian strife between Kurds and Arabs,” Hawet said, warning that both Kurds and Arabs will pay the price if the plot succeeds.

He called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to react promptly and work to address the issue in Kirkuk via cooperations with the Iraqi central government.