PM Barzani Announces Week of Environment Protection
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PM Barzani Announces Week of Environment Protection

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister announced a week of public awareness and protection of the environment on Tuesday which marks Kurdistan Environment Day.

During a special ceremony in Erbil, Barzani reminded that alongside the people of Kurdistan, its nature has also been subject to destruction at the hands of repressive regimes of Iraq.

He noted that during the rule of the Baath Regime, then Iraqi government destroyed Kurdistan’s unique nature with multiple chemical attacks, landmines and continues bombardment.

Barzani called on the people of Kurdistan to work in line with the local laws and government institutions to save the nature of Kurdistan which is unique in the region.

“Let’s make life more beautiful by saving the nature and our environment… Let’s plant love and life with a tree, or a flower,” Barzani called on the people of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Parliament designated 16th April as the Environment Day in 2018. The day also marks the anniversary of the first-ever chemical attack on Kurdistan by the Baath Regime.

On 16th April 1987, then Iraqi army gassed the Kurds in Balisan area of Erbil province, killing 264 civilians and wounding more than 400. Less than a year later, Saddam Hussein attacked Halabja with chemical weapons where they killed over 5,000 and injured more than 10,000 only to mark one of the most notorious genocidal attacks in the modern history.