IS Woman Put Makeup on Me for Slave Market: Yezidi Survivor
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IS Woman Put Makeup on Me for Slave Market: Yezidi Survivor

ERBIL — A Kurdish Yezidi girl who survived Islamic State (IS) barbarism, sat with BasNews after her freedom to tell the world that the true face of IS and its brutality is yet to be fully comprehended by the world.

Shadi (a given name to the Yezidi girl to conceal her real identity) was first captured by the IS jihadists in August 2014 in her hometown of Snune, near Sinjar in northern Iraq. The jihadists abducted thousands of people from the religious minority, including Shadi’s mother and brother on the same day.

“They soon separated me from my mother and brother, and they took me to Ba’aj, then to Tel Affar and finally to Mosul,” she told BasNews.

“A terrorist named Saad Telal took me in Baaj. He later sold me to a man who was trading the Yezidi abductees. The second man had a huge family, and they made me the servant of the family.”

Exhaustion and fear were the first obvious feelings one could observe in Shadi’s eyes while speaking. She seemed tired recalling the days when different IS militants sold here and other Yezidi girls in return for a small amount of cash, a pistol, a car or even giving them out as a gift to other men.

Shadi was later sold to 50-year-old Abu Khalid. When Shadi first arrived at his home, she realized that Abu Khalid had already bought two Yezidi children.

“The kids had been subject to torture and punishments. They had almost forgotten their mother tongue as Abu Khalid forced them into Islam. They were taught how to pray and use different weapons despite their very young age,” Shadi explained.

The Yezidi girl was again sold. This time Abu Nasir Shami brought her to his own possession, just like a commodity. Shadi said that she was living, but being tortured, at Abu Nasir’s home, under the harsh treatment of his two wives.

One of the wives of Abu Nasir decided to sell Shadi. “She put makeup on me everyday and displayed me in a market for slave trades. People were coming, taking pictures and sending them to their friends so to decide to buy me,” Shadi related.

She was again sold, to another Abu Nasir who treated her cruelly.

“He was torturing me everyday until I started bleeding one day and he had no choice but taking me to hospital,” Shadi said, adding that she was actually sold out while hospitalized.

Another jihadists goes to hospital, takes Shadi to his home, makes her change and then sells her to Ahmad al-Jazrawi, another IS terrorist who shows no mercy while beating and torturing Shadi.

The young Yezidi girl was sold again and again, abused wherever she was taken, until she ended up in Raqqa, a city in eastern Syria which IS claimed as it own pro-claimed caliphate. Shadi remained in Raqqa until she was rescued and brought back to Kurdistan Region.

She is free now, reunited with her family. However, the impact of years of physical and physiological torture are obvious on her face and in her words.